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Anonymous asked: "I don't understand," Hamish whined when his Hogwarts letter didn't come at the same time as all his friends letters, "I have magic, where's my letter?" "I'm sure the owl just got delayed," John assured him. An hour later Hamish's letter arrived carried by the Headmaster's own owl. Thirty seconds after that Mycroft and Mummy Holmes appeared in the living room to apologize for the delay and obviously to celebrate Hamish's acceptance to the school where Mummy was Headmaster.


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santa-of-the-subconscious asked: No. Just shut up and stop. You can complain about "anti" whatever the minute you call out the fucksticks who have used racial, homophobic and ablelist slurs to people who aren't into Johnlock and whose only crime was expressing a preference for a non-Johnlock pairing. Unless and until you've done that, shut the fuck up with the faux-Pollyanna bullshit.


Dear stranger on the internet using strong language and a random, secondary blog to get around the fact that I switched off anon asks:

I’m sorry reading comprehension is such an obstacle for you. That must make things really hard in your life. Obviously I don’t know you, so I don’t know if you’re struggling with literacy generally, or if you just have a nasty tendency to descend into a red mist whenever someone who likes things you don’t like says something anywhere you might see or hear it. Either way, you have a problem.

One day, after you’ve got the help you need (literacy support, or just anger management) and you’re capable of understanding text on the internet, you’ll realize that you just told someone who expressed that she thinks “live and let live” is a better option than YOU LIKE A DIFFERENT THING THAN ME DIE IN A FIRE to shut the fuck up until she publicly states that we shouldn’t be mean to those who like things we don’t like. See the problem here?

You’ll probably feel like an idiot about this when you realize your logical misstep. You might feel embarrassed at how utterly ridiculous this is and how not very bright it makes you look. We’ve all been there. It won’t be fun, but hey, It’s a learning experience. One to grow on, as they say. Good thing you didn’t use your main blog to contact me, eh? Phew! Dodged a bullet!


Ivy “Pollyanna” Blossom. These ringlets are real, honey.

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Mary becomes so snappish and venomous in the initial scene of HLV once John starts mentioning Sherlock.
She intentionally tries to diminish Sherlock by pointing out that not everyone knows him. She cannot help but correct John’s hyperbole, which is the biggest indication of his desire to see Sherlock.

Mary knows about TJLC that’s why she tried to murder Sherlock.

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Things I Consider to be True


  • Shipping is the act of enjoying the idea of two characters being in a romantic relationship with each other.
  • The vast majority of the time, you can’t be wrong about shipping. Because shipping is enjoying the idea of two characters being in a romantic relationship with each…